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Oakes Daylilies: Extra Large Plants Guaranteed to Grow

There’s something to be said for a plant that only blooms for one day. If it’s a reminder to live in the moment and enjoy each day, then I’ll take it. Daylilies from Oakes Daylilies are some of my favorite plants. Extremely easy to grow and available in a variety of sizes and shapes, daylilies are perfect for novice as well as more advanced gardeners.

‘Pirate’s Patch’ daylily

Oakes offers the biggest clumps of daylilies I’ve ever seen and always send a bonus plant. Their clumps are huge! When you order a plant, they actually send a clump of three large daylily fans. No other daylily nursery sends plants as large as Oakes. In addition to large plants, they send plant labels that can be wrapped to a stick and placed discretely in the garden to help remind you of the plants name.

Ready to plant daylilies from Oakes

Oakes’ catalog carries over 400 varieties of daylilies but grow almost 1500, which are on display at their Daylily Festival every June. Started as a hobby for father and son, Bill and Stewart Oakes, the hobby soon took over so they opened Oakes Daylilies to share their obsession with the public. I’m so glad they did! I have their daylilies stuffed into every empty spot in my garden.

I added ‘Dream Blue’ and

‘Dancing Lions’ to the garden last fall.

Daylilies can be added to the garden throughout spring, summer, and fall so check out their amazing catalog. My favorite place to shop is the Under $10 link. Considering how big their plants are, it’s the best deal in horticulture!

Fragrant ‘Sunday Gloves’ blend well with other plants and grow in my rain garden.


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