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Prairie Moon: My True Love

As much as I enjoy ornamentals, my true love is native plants and I stuff them into every empty spot in the garden. Tough and undemanding, natives take the worst that Mother Nature throws at them without flinching or crying for the shelter of a greenhouse. I’ve been ordering natives from Prairie Moon Nursery for the past 13 years.

My first orange milkweed plants were ordered as bare roots from Prairie Moon and stored in the fridge until I was ready to plant them. As long as no one chopped them up and tossed them in the pasta, all was well. I didn’t have to worry about keeping them watered while I was at work. They simply snoozed in the vegetable crisper while I waited for cooler weather.

Dodecatheon in my garden is a spring ephemeral.

Prairie Moon is home to amazing native plants you’ve probably never heard of but need to add to your garden. Unavailable at most local nurseries, natives from Prairie Moon are available as bare roots, potted plants and seed. Their website is the first place I go when looking for plants for dry shade that also attract pollinators. I’ve purchased yellow pimpernel (taenidia integerrima), aster laevis, as well as phlox pilosa to fill my dry shade and keep the pollinators well fed.

Blue eyed grass (sisyrinchium albidum) thrives in the rocks at mouth of my rain garden. The more plants you buy from Prairie Moon, the cheaper they are. That’s all the motivation I need! Time to put in an order….

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