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The SF Fling has Flung

Official Group Photo by

San Francisco Conservatory of Flowers

June 28, 2013

Dear Garden Blogger Fling Attendees:

Thanks so much for attending and making this the best Fling ever! We hope you’ve recovered from three days of garden and nursery touring… and then some! Surely many of you have started to go through images and recount stories from our time together. Please consider sharing them, via links to your personal blog posts, in the comments section below, and/or on the Garden Bloggers Fling Facebook page. If you have specific posts for specific gardens, each of the tour stops has a general information post (following this one), so you can add your post to their comments section accordingly. It’s a great way to see and read about everyone’s perspectives of the various places we visited together.

Please be sure to share your personal thanks with the generous sponsors that helped make the San Francisco Fling so successful. Each sponsor is listed by sponsor level category along the right hand column of this blog, with links to their websites and contact information. Sponsorships contributed not only to the TWO swag bags you received, but also to offset the costs of our travel, garden admissions and sustenance. A hearty thank you goes out to them all!

Happy blogging and we hope to see you at the next Fling in Portland, Oregon. Sounds like the PDX Crew is tentatively looking at mid to late July, 2014.

Your SF Fling Crew,

Kelly, Andrea, Charlotte, Claire and Maggie.

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First, post a comment with your URL & blog post title (shown in orange above) added to the HTML code as shown below

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San Francisco Fling Itinerary

Thursday, June 27

Pre-Fling Cocktail Party at the garden of landscape designer Shirley Watts


$10 donation towards food & drinks

Location is in Alameda, which is accessible by public transportation

(photo via Shirley Watts,

Friday, June 28

8:00-8:45am Registration at Hotel Lobby Westin San Francisco Market Street 50 Third Street

Two buses will travel to the following sites independently; PLEASE pick one bus and stick with it for each tour day. 8:45-9:00am Board Buses

Matt Gil Sculpture Garden Designed by Dan Carlson of Wigglestem Gardens

(photo by Dan Carlson)

with a Sponsor Presentation by Dramm,

Fun Games & Shopping!

(photo via Annie's Annuals)

Wave Garden Designed by Victor Amador Kellee Adams, Dig-It Landscape Design

(photo by slotharium)

*Late Afternoon Break at Hotel *

5:30-5:45pm Re-board Buses and travel to Conservatory of Flowers in Golden Gate Park for Group Photo, Catered Dinner, Sponsor Talks, Swag Bags and Raffle

(photo via Floradoragardens)

Back to the Hotel by 9:30pm Evening activities on your own

Saturday, June 29

Two buses will travel to the following sites independently;

PLEASE pick one bus and stick with it for each tour day.

7:45-8:00am Board EARLY Bus at Hotel

Morning Photo Shoot with Saxon Holt (RSVP required) at

(San Francisco Botanical Garden's Entry Garden. Photo by Saxon Holt; via SFBG website)


9:45-10:00am Board LATER Bus at Hotel

(meet up with early bus at)

a Sponsor Presentation by Bailey Nurseries, Endless Summer Collection and First Editions Collection; as well as a tour of Sunset Gardens

(photo via

*Eat catered box lunch on buses* as we travel to

Filoli A Site of The National Trust for Historic Preservation and a California State Historic Landmark (we'll tour the gardens only)

(photo via Floradoragardens)

(photo via Harmony in the Garden, Rebecca Sweet)

Testa-Vought Garden Designed by Bernard Trainor

(photo by Andrea Testa-Vought via Pacific Horticulture, as seen in our preview post)

Back to Hotel by 6:30pm Dinner & evening activities on your own

Sunday, June 30

Two buses will travel to the following sites independently; PLEASE pick one bus and stick with it for each tour day. 10:00-10:15am Board Buses at Hotel

(photo by Floradoragardens) Dudan Garden by BuenoLuna Landscape Design and Floradora Gardens

(photo by Floradoragardens) *Catered Box Lunch at Ruth Bancroft or Dudan Gardens* Keeyla Meadows Garden

(photo via Nichols Garden

(photo by Floradoragardens) Closing Cocktail Party at Flora Grubb Gardens, Tour a Flora Grubb designed garden nearby, Fun & Shopping!

(photo via Back to Hotel by 7:30pm Dinner & final evening festivities on your own

San Francisco Fling Attendees Registration for Fling is now closed. The following bloggers have confirmed their place (meaning we have received your check in the mail). If there is an * by your name, you registered to take the Saturday early morning photo workshop with Saxon Holt. The early bus is now full and we can't accept any more participants. California: Kelly Kilpatrick *, Floradora Alice Joyce, Alice's Garden Travel Buzz Bonnie Manion *, Vintage Garden Gal Charlotte Germane *, dirt du jour Claire Splan *, An Alameda Garden Debby Shepard *, Spade and a Smartphone Delen Kitchen *, Plant Propaganda Denise Ginger *, A Growing Obsession Dina Falk *, Dina Digs This Erik Knutzen *, Root Simple Gail Lord *, Piece of Eden Hank Jenkins *, The Plant Provocateur Jeannie Hanson *, Geno's Garden Design & Coaching Kathy Stoner *, GardenBook Leslie Bennett *, Star Apple Edible Gardens Leslie Kuss *, Growing a Garden in Davis Maggie Leighly *, Maya Bartolf, Today's Bouquet Rebecca Sweet, Gossip in the Garden Susan Morrison *, Blue Planet Garden Blog Tina Henricksen *, Garden with Heart and Soil Colorado: Ryan Schmitt *, In the Garden Connecticut: Robin Horton, Urban Gardens District of Columbia: Clint Albin, IGC Show Idaho: Mary Ann Newcomer, Gardens of the Wild Wild West Illinois: Jason Kay *, Garden in a City Judy Hertz *, Garden in a City Louisiana: Jean McWeeney *, Dig, Grow, Compost, Blog Maryland: Claire Jones *, The Garden Diaries Susan Harris *, Garden Rant Massachusetts Matt Mattus *, Growing With Plants Minnesota: Amy Andrychowicz *, Get Busy Gardening Shelly Gustafson *, 29 Minute Gardener Missouri: Isabelle Bechtold, Vintage Garden Gal North Carolina: Daricia McKnight *, A Charlotte Garden Frank Hyman *, Liberated Gardener New Mexico: David Cristiani *, The Desert Edge New York: Donna Brok *, Garden Walk Garden Talk Elizabeth Licata, Garden Rant, Gardening While Intoxicated Ohio: Kylee Baumle *, Our Little Acre Oklahoma: Dee Nash *, Red Dirt Ramblings Oregon: Jane Finch-Howell *, MulchMaid Kate Bryant *, At Home Loree Bohl *, danger garden Scott Weber *, Rhone Street Gardens Pennsylvania: Carolyn Walker *, Carolyn's Shade Garden Leslie Grayson *, Leslie Grayson Design Rhode Island: Layanee DeMerchant *, Ledge and Gardens South Carolina: Julie Thompson-Adolf *, Growing Days Janet Ledebuhr *, The Queen of Seaford Lisa Wagner *, Natural Gardening Tennessee: Barbara Wise *, bwisegardening Texas: Andrea Fox *, grow where you're planted Cindy Tournier, From My Corner of Katy Diana Kirby *, Sharing Nature's Garden Linda Lehmusvirta *, Central Texas Gardener Melissa Denney *, Houston Garden Girl Pam Penick *, Digging Susan Tomlinson *, The Bicycle Garden Vicki Blachman *, Playin' Outside Vermont: Maree Gaetani *, Gardener's Supply Gardener's Journal Washington: Alison Conliffe *, Bonney Lassie Debbie Teashon, Rainy Side Gardeners Lola Gravenstein *, One Hundred Dollars a Month Lorene Edwards Folkner *, Planted at Home Mavis Butterfield *, One Hundred Dollars a Month Peter Herpst *, The Outlaw Gardener Canada: Helen Battersby *, Ontario, Toronto Gardens Lucy Pelletier *, Ontario, Hovel Home & Garden Sarah Battersby *, Ontario, Toronto Gardens England: Charlotte Weychan, East Sussex, The Galloping Gardener Helen Johnstone *, Worcs, The Patient Gardener Victoria Summerley *, Gloucestershire, Victoria's Backyard, Tales from Awkward Hill


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