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What’s the deal with the spoon and cherry?

As you may have noticed, the Blog Badge for the Minneapolis Fling has a spoon and cherry on it. Didn’t notice? Take a closer look…

After I posted the badge for the Minneapolis Fling, someone asked me what the spoon and cherry meant. That’s an excellent question, so I thought I’d answer it with a blog post (because, I’m a blogger… and that’s what bloggers do, right?). Here’s a real life photo of the spoon and cherry…

The Spoon and Cherry

The spoon and cherry is a famous (or, maybe not-so-famous) sculpture at the Walk Art Center downtown Minneapolis. You can read more about the artist and the history of the sculpture here… Minneapolis spoon and cherry sculpture

The sculpture is one of the main focal points of the sculpture garden at the Walker Art Center. The sculpture garden at the Walker is one of the potential places on our list for the Fling – but we’re not sure yet if we’ll be able to fit it into our busy schedule. We will definitely let you know! But if we aren’t able to visit the Walker sculpture garden during the Minneapolis Fling, I highly recommend you visit on your own while you’re here. It’s not too far from where we’ll be staying.

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