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2017 DC Area Fling

Capital Region Garden Bloggers Fling

June 22-25, 2017

Organizer: Tammy Schmitt of Casa Mariposa

Photo credit: Wendy Niemi Kremer

Attendees of the 2017 Capital Region Fling


Kathleen Melikian Queen of the Dirt

Jim and Val Peterson Garden Design

Kristine Peterson Late to the Garden Party

Kathy Stoner Garden Book John Valentino John and Bob's

COLORADO Brandon Coppin Botanical Interests Kathy Keeler A Wandering Botanist Jennifer Spainhower Botanical Interests April Shelhon Botanical Interests CONNECTICUT

Jennifer McGuinness Frau Zinnie

Sue Webel Idyll Haven




Cydney and Al Wade Rose Petals Nursery


Karin Hicks Southern Meadows


Judy Hertz Garden In a City

Jason Kay Garden In a City Diana Stoll Garden With Diana



Jean McWeeney Dig Grow Compost Blog


Claire Jones The Garden Diaries Alison Rolen A Home in the Garden


Angela Lituri The Freckled Rose


Stefanie Gilmour See Jane Dig

Shannon Downey Greenhouse Glass


Beth Billstrom More Than Oregano

Jennifer Ebeling 6 ft Mama


Daniel Eggert Garden Trends

Kevin Gepford Fuchsias in the City

Theo Margelony Fuschias in the City Marissa Verdi Garden Trends


Sarah Himmelfarb Galloping Horse Gardens

Daricia McKnight Callicarpa

Patricia Moffat pbm Garden Tonya Peele Plant + Shoot

Lisa Wagner Natural Gardening


Kylee Baumle Our Little Acre

Susan Heappard Two Girls With a Purpose OKLAHOMA Dee Nash Red Dirt Ramblings


Ann Amato-Zorich Amatuer Bot-ann-ist

Loree Bohl Danger Garden Darcy Daniels egardenGO

Jane Finch-Howell Mulch Maid

Heather Tucker Just a Girl With a Hammer PENNSYLVANIA Lynn Purse Composer in the Garden


Janet Ledebuhr The Queen of Seaford

Julie Thompson-Adolf Garden Delights


Gail Eichelberger Clay and Limestone

Barbara Wise B wise gardens


Vicki Blachman Playin' Outside

Laurin Lindsey Ravenscourt Gardens

Pam Penick Digging

Shawn Schlacter Ravenscourt Gardens

Laura Wills Wills Family Acres


Jenny Prince American Meadows


Tracy Blevins PlantsMap

Laura Christian Plant Pop

Gryphon Corphus Southern Exposure

Connie Hilker Hartwood Roses Ray Novitske A Leafy Indulgence

Karen Rexrode Studiology

Peggy Riccio Peg Plant

Tammy Schmitt Casa Mariposa

Ira Wallace Southern Exposure Marianne Wilburn The Small Town Gardener


Alison Conliffe Bonney Lassie

WISCONSIN Anneliese Valdes Cobrahead


Helen Battersby Toronto Gardens

Liza Drozdov Hortus TV


Victoria Summerley Tales From Awkward Hill

Michelle Chapman Veg Plotting

Capital Region Fling Itinerary

We'll be visiting the amazing Smithsonian gardens along the National Mall in Washington DC. You'll have several hours to self-tour this area which will probably include a bathroom break in one of our world famous museums. We'll also be visiting the incredible US Botanic Garden as well as a few other fabulous DC gardens. Did you know there's an urban "farm" right in the middle of DC?

In Maryland and northern Virginia, we'll be exploring amazing private and public gardens as well as visiting a very cool local winery.There will also be an opportunity to shop at one of the premier nurseries in our area. Check out this interactive story map for a sneak peek into our itinerary!

There are twelve Smithsonian gardens along the National Mall.

What is the Capital Region?

The Capital Region includes the surrounding suburbs outside DC that are home to most of the people who keep the nation's capital running. DC is a small city and doesn't have enough space to house everybody who works there. Waking up in Virginia, commuting into DC, and then popping into Maryland is very common. Believe it or not, you'll probably lose track of what state we're in while you're here. One of the unique characteristics of the Capital Region is its geographic diversity. Within 45 miles of the White House you can find numerous historic towns such as Arlington, Alexandria, and Annapolis, world class wineries, beautiful farm land, and views of the Chesapeake Bay and Blue Ridge mountains.

Did you know there's a house in Maryland with a sidewalk in DC?

When can I register and how much does it cost?

Registration opens at noon (Eastern time) on Saturday, October 15, 2016. The cost is $300 and is payable through all major credit cards. Registration is expected to fill up quickly so mark your calendar so you don't forget!

How do I register?

As soon as registration opens, send an email to the Capital Region Fling committee that includes the following info: Your name, how old your blog is, and a link to your blog. We'll quickly confirm that your blog meets the registration criteria and will send you a response with a link to our invitation-only Eventbrite site to register for the Fling. Once you've registered through Eventbrite and your payment has been processed, you're all set!

Where can I find this information?

About two weeks before registration opens, We'll post a reminder on the Garden Bloggers Fling website as well as on the blog, Casa Mariposa. There will also be information available in the Facebook group.We'll post the email you'll use to contact us on October 1 but won't begin responding until noon (Eastern time), Saturday, October 15. To make it fair for everyone early registration isn't an option unless you have previously sponsored a Fling.

What does my registration fee cover?

Your fee covers the expenses related to the Fling including admission and transportation to each garden, fresh from the farm appetizers at our Welcome! party on Thursday night, and lunch on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday as well as dinner on Sunday. You will pay for your transportation to the Fling and your hotel expenses. We're staying at a beautiful Hyatt at the Reston Town Centerand have been given a special Fling-only room rate. There will be multiple opportunities to win incredible door prizes supplied by our sponsors so leave some space in your suitcase for all the swag.

We'll be traveling in air conditioned comfort thanks to the luxury coaches and mini-buses of Reston Limo.

Are we going to be visiting Casa Mariposa?

Yes! While Tammy's garden doesn't compare to the others we'll be visiting, it's her pleasure to welcome you to the Casa! We hope to see you there.


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