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Hortus TV: All the Gardening You Can Stream!

My family likes to joke that if I could figure out a way to garden in the dark, I’d do it. I think they may be right. But short of strapping a mining helmet onto my noggin, the best way to get my gardening on when it’s too cold, too hot, or too dark is to watch Hortus TV, the internet streaming service that allows you to watch as much gardening TV as you can handle.

With over 1000 gardening shows in their library, many of which are new to North America and available in high def, you could watch almost three shows a day for a year before you hit the end. Started by a passionate gardener frustrated that high quality gardening shows were no longer a part of most network line-ups, Hortus TV includes a free 7-day trial. A monthly subscription is only $6.99 and unlike your phone plan, is available on a month by month basis. You can even watch Hortus TV on your phone, laptop, or tablet. This winter when I’m tired of looking out at my brown dormant garden, which specializes in winter disinterest, I’ll be hooked up to Hortus TV. Hooray!


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