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A Sensational Summer in America's Garden Capital!

It's finally feeling like summer here in the Philadelphia region and our gardens are responding well to the abundant moisture and warm weather that's finally arrived! I've been busily visiting gardens across our region and I'll be showcasing a few as we get closer to our event. We've hit the cap on attendees so there will be plenty of familiar faces and newcomers alike. I can't wait to greet you all on September 21-24, 2023. As we prepare the menus for lunches and evening events, could you send me an email only if you have dietary restrictions to with a subject heading DIETARY RESTRICTIONS by August 1, In the meantime, enjoy a few images I captured at Jenny Rose Carey's Northview Garden which we'll enjoy on Sunday, September 24.

Northview Garden surrounds a historic home dating to the 1800's

Jenny has a fine collection of woody shrubs with Hydrangea serrata looking stunning in June

Jenny's "She Shed" potting shed is THE place to be on a drizzly day

Local garden art is featured throughout

Looking back to the potting shed

Words have never been so true :)

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Margaret Mishra
Margaret Mishra
Jul 19, 2023

I am so incredibly excited for this fling!! Incredible gardens and incredible people - what more could you ask! Simply can't wait ❤️

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