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Denver Fling sponsors and Panayoti Kelaidis Garden

More of our Generous Sponsors

Corona Over 90 years ago, it began with the orange shears that revolutionized the citrus industry, now offering a full range of professional, high-quality, lawn and garden tools.

Tula Stylish hats that provide sun protection, hand-woven from sustainable palm fiber by artisans with fair wages and safe working conditions.

Dramm Starting with the 400 Water Breaker, Dramm has been a leader in quality, durable, watering tools and accessories for over 75 years.

We shall see some awesome raffle items from these sponsors, including plenty of hats (coveted at the 2018 fling!)

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2019 Fling Teaser

Panayoti Kelaidis’ amazing yard; a mix of cottage, alpine, desert, and veggie!

He worked wonders with the slopes

Gorgeous, fluffy native grass below the perennial area. There is so much variance in this yard; so much to see.

Amazing crevice garden meets retaining wall meets waterfall meets pond. I’m in awe of this particular feature. I love the narrow flagstone steps.

Just 2 1/2 months to go!



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