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Fling souvenir buttons ready to be mailed to attendees

This year Fling attendees received wallet-style name badges that hang from the neck, replacing the pin-on tags of years past. These badges, which have a handy zippered compartment for collecting business cards, were also perfect for displaying the new Fling buttons!

Just for a fun little souvenir, the Fling Advisory Committee created pins for each of the previous Flings and passed them out to attendees in San Francisco. Everyone got the San Francisco button, of course, and those who’d attended other Flings received those buttons as well.

That’s my badge in the photo above, and you can see how I pinned my Fling buttons along the margin. I added a Flower Floozie pin from Annie’s Annuals for good measure. Badge jewelry! Don’t you want yours?

I brought home the extra pins, and I’m ready to mail them out to those who’ve attended Fling(s) but didn’t make it to San Francisco this year. Just mail me a stamped, self-addressed envelope and tell me which Flings you’ve attended. I’ll mail the buttons right out to you.

I’m loath to put my mailing address online for everyone to see, so email me at FlingButtons at gmail dot com to request the address. Please include your blog name in the subject line of your email so I know you’re not a spammer.

Remember to include an SASE; return postage is on you. A 1st-class stamp ought to cover it. UPDATE 7/23/13: I’ve just learned that postage for multiple buttons can significantly exceed one 1st-class stamp. You may need to put 4 stamps on your SASE or risk getting billed by USPS for the remaining postage. Please use your best judgment regarding postage. For one button, a single stamp should be enough. For multiple buttons, be generous with your stamps or keep an eye out for a bill. We definitely want the buttons to reach you!

Enjoy your souvenir buttons! Oh, and bring them to next year’s Fling if you like and dress up your badge again.


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