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Asheville details

Christopher has done a great job of posting detailed descriptions of our itinerary on the blog over the past weeks (and months).

Please review them online, as you like, as we didn’t print them out again for you, keeping the information in your packets to a minimum of printed material –we’re big on reducing waste in Asheville!

(Please tell fellow attendees who haven’t been keeping up that they need to look at the Asheville Fling site if they want to have more information). OK, you’re already here, so you’re up to date!

We’ll be on a tight schedule on Friday morning (we’re starting out with a bang with eclectic gardens in West Asheville), but the pace is more relaxed on Saturday and Sunday.

We hope to see many of you at Tressa’s tomorrow evening (and those of you that can visit Sow True Seeds earlier will have fun– they’re a great small seed company).

Otherwise, we’ll see you for the bus departure on Friday from Four Points promptly at 9 am. Be there early!

Cheers, Lisa


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