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Bluestone Perennials: My Garden Problem Solving Secret

What do you do when you just can’t find the right plant for your problem spot? I turn to family owned Bluestone Perennials and their Plant Finder. Most gardeners have an online nursery or information source they rely on to help them solve their design dilemmas. Bluestone is one of my favorites. I added phlomis tuberosa to my garden this fall after seeing it suggested as a tall, butterfly-attracting plant for a hot, dry site with bright, partial shade. The descriptive information that accompanies each listing lets you know how to best use the plant by listing its attributes. The other plants I was considering were plastic tulips so I was grateful to have an alternative.

Phlomis tuberosa from Bluestone Perennials

I’ve been stuffing my garden with their big, healthy plants for years. Each plant comes in a coconut coir pot so you don’t have to worry about transplant shock when you add them to the garden. Because they offer a multiple plant discount, my cart always fills up quickly. Every plant grown by them is free of neonicotinoid pesticides, which is still a rarity. Now if I could just find a spot for this new geranium….


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