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You’re going to love Asheville!

Christopher has been doing an amazing job describing the gardens we’re going to be visiting and evoking a bit of Asheville’s essential quirky nature, too. It’s part of what makes Asheville a special place. I hope you’ll be able to spend some time before or after the Fling exploring our city and the surrounding mountains. Check out this New York Times piece for their take on ’36 hours in Asheville’.

As a part-time resident for the last three years, I’ve loved exploring the historic neighborhoods near downtown (on regular walks), enjoyed the vibrant downtown restaurant scene, and exploring the nearby trails in the mountains (not to mention all the great “natural gardens” nearby, too.

Some of my favorite small gardens within walking distance of the Fling hotel (Sheraton Four Points) are marked on this map (you’ll have a printed copy in your packet). The Google maps interactive version is here.

Nan Chase, whose garden many of you have signed up to visit post-Fling, and I have also come up with a list of some of our personal favorite restaurants and other spots downtown. (You’ll also have a copy in your packet.) But you won’t go wrong almost anywhere in Asheville’s historic downtown for a good restaurant!

Asheville is a great town for restaurants and its local food scene, complete with numerous neighborhood tailgate markets served by farmers, artisan bakers, plant growers, etc., is remarkably vibrant.

North Asheville tailgate market (25+ years old!)

We’re glad you’re coming. It’ll be great fun.


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